Saturday, July 14, 2012

Inside My Unii Palette

Today's post is about my Unii palette and what's in it. :) Unii palette is am empty magnetic palette that you can put in depotted eyeshadows/blush/etc in metal pans. It's very handy for storing and traveling purposes. The version I have is the new version which can't be taken apart for cleaning. I have it in color Midnight which is black with sparkles.

unii palette z palette size
Unii Palette in Midnight and Large Z Palette Size Comparison
As you can see, Unii palette is a quite bit smaller than Z palette. So I like to store some stuff that gets used almost everyday in Unii palette. I don't have too many of those so they fit in there nicely. Also I can just pick it up and go if I need to travel because I would rather travel with my everyday stuff in Unii palette than Z palette. It feels much more secure. Depotted eyeshadows, which I have a lot of, can stay put in my Z palette in my drawer. :) I can't fit all of them in Unii palette.

Anyways, here are what I have in my Unii palette! :D

Inside unii palette filled
Unii Palette: from left to right and top to bottom,
Physicians Formula Mineral Wear blush in Natural Glow,
Wet n Wild single eyeshadow in Brulee, Inglot 358,  Inglot 344,
and Dior Rose Diamond

These are my favorite blush, brow highlight, eyeshadows, and highlighter at the moment. It's definitely convenient to have them all in here and not have to open individual packaging. You can see having five items in there pretty much fills it up. Well, Rose Diamond is kinda huge. But Unii palette is still on a bit small side in my opinion. I still love it though. I hope there will be a larger Unii palette! :)