Tuesday, July 24, 2012

My favorite eyeshadows! Inglot 344 and 358

Inglot 344 358
Inglot Eyeshadow 344 and 358 
There are my favs! I don't feel like they are the best of qualities but I am absolutely in love with the colors. They are probably the most flattering shades on me. I often alternate using both as a lid color and crease color and they work well.

These come in individual pan forms as shown in the picture above. Both are matte. 344 is is dusty reddened light brown or it might be better described as mega heavily muted toned down light plum. 358 is dusty grey purple. I think this could be possibly a dupe for Urban Decay's Tease. Definitely in the same family. 

Inglot 344 358 swatch
Inglot Eyeshadow 344 and 358 Swatch
These are of drier formula, and it feels like they are pressed harder than other shadows. It's not buttery, and you can't get a ton a product with one swipe of the brush. It's not by any means, you just have to dig your brush in a bit harder. They are matte shades after all. They are pigmented but not the easiest to blend. I prefer theBalm's matte shadow formula overall. But I love the colors! lol

They are sitting well and happy in my Unii palette, readily available for my frequent use. :)

Unii palatte filled
Unii Palette

If you want a certain color but can't find in other companies' shadows or don't want to pay the price, these are great. Solid quality, affordable, and large selection of colors. Just make sure you have somewhere to put them. :)

These are available here