Saturday, July 21, 2012

Coastal Scents Classic Buffer Large Synthetic Brush Review

coastal scents buffer brush 518
Coastal Scents Classic Buffer Large Synthetic Brush
This chunky brush is my go to stippling brush. :) LOVE! This one is called Classic Buffer Synthetic Brush (BR-C-S29). It's a very dense and big, so it's great for quickly stippling on the foundation. It's dense enough that bristles don't flop around when you stipple. It's also on the weighty side which I like, and it feels very well built. Ferrules are on nice and tight and bristles are glued together well.

There has been minimal shedding. Very very minimal. May be one every other washing. The brush washes well and dries in a reasonable amount of time. As with other foundation brushes, I wash this one with dish soap and olive oil. Works like a charm in getting all the foundation out.

Bristles are soft so it doesn't hurt when I stipple on the foundation. I have felt softer brushes but this one's not bad at all for a stippling brush. Many stippling brushes have bothered me for that reason but this one is not painful at all. I can feel it but it doesn't hurt.

Coastal Scents buffer brush top view 518
Coastal Scents Classic Buffer Large Synthetic Brush Top View

I am sure I have mentioned before, but stippling brush is great for people who have flaky skin. No microexfoliation to accentuate the flakes. This one is a great brush if you haven't liked stippling brush for 1)hurting your face and 2)it taking way to long to stipple around entire face. I highly recommend you check it out! :D

Price: 14.95 USD Coastal Scents website
Rating: A

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  1. I have this brush and a couple of Sigma's synthetic bristle brushes, the F80, F82 and F84. The F80 & F82 are spectacular for stippling & blending. They're soft as a baby's bum, very densely packed, nicely weighted, and don't shed at all. They work far better than this Coastal Scents brush, and they're only about $2 more. The F84 is a slanted version of these two with exactly the same type of bristles & handle. It works perfectly for blending cream or gel-type blushes. I love these brushes so much that I bought backups of all of them immediately after getting my first order & testing them out. The F80 & F82 work great for all types of correctors & foundations, from liquid to cream to wax based to mousse-types. They're even gentle enough to use around the eyes if you're in a hurry to get your concealer or foundation on. No irritation at all. They're by far the best foundation/cream blush brushes I've ever used.

    I find that Coastal Scents is really starting to increase their brush prices compared to before, but not really improving the quality of their brushes to justify their price increases. At one time I was buying quite a few brushes from them but haven't done so in quite a while now. My last order from them especially disappointed me.