Monday, July 16, 2012

theBalm Down Boy Blush Review

the balm down boy
theBalm Down Boy Blush

theBalm Down Boy blush is a light pink powder blush. It's straight up neutral pink, so it won't clash on warm skin tones. It gives a very nice pale baby pink flush to your cheeks. It's quite pigmented so it can be very easily built up to bright, strong pink. If that's not what you want, be sure to use a light hand or a stippling brush. :) The product itself contains a little bit of microshimmer but once applied it's matte finish. The shimmers don't really show. They just help the blush look not too flat.

the balm down boy blush
theBalm Down Boy Blush
The powder blends really nicely. I think it's one of the most blendable blushes I own. It also looks very smooth when applied. But there is always some powder excess kicked off so I wouldn't take really stiff brushes to the pan. 

the balm down boy swatch
theBalm Down Boy Blush Swatch: Blended on the right

Staying power is decent. It lasts 5 hours on me without fading. But it never fades completely on me until I remove it. The decent amount of color remains for a long time. 

The packaging is cardboard with magnetic closure. So this needs to stay away from water at all times! ;D Packaging is compact and comes with nice mirror inside. 

Another blush in my collection that I have that is pretty similar to this is Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Dollface. Although similar, Down Boy is a bit paler in pan. When Down Boy is applied intensely, there is really significant difference between the two. But Down Boy can give you lighter pink color if you want. Dollface on the other hand is bright and BAM kind of pink however you apply it. 

the balm down boy tarte amazonian clay blush dollface
theBalm Down Boy on the left
Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Dollface on the right

I highly recommend this blush. Although staying power could be improved (it's still not bad by any means), the blush performs really well in other aspects. It blends so beautifully. And I really like that it can give me pale pink and BRIGHT darker pink depending on how I apply it. It's not just more intense/less intense versions of the same color. It actually turns into a bit darker than the color in the pan if you build it up. It's like two blush in one! This neutral pink should work nicely on all skintones including warm tones. :) Yay! Oh and yes. It can be used on the eyes. Yay again!

Price: 21 USD on theBalm Website
Weight: 0.85oz/9.9g (Kinda Humongous)
Rating: A