Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Comparison Swatch/Review: Giorgio Armani Sheer Blush 2 vs NARS Sex Appeal

Left: Giorgio Armani Sheer Blush 2, Right: NARS Sex Appeal

Hi all! I am finally back. I thought I would ease my way back in by starting with rather simple posts. I also plan on being less wordy from now on. Lol.

So I already have a review of NARS Sex Appeal which I really love. But when I came across Giorgio Armani Sheer Blush in 2, it reminded me of NARS blush but all the raves online made me want to try it. I personally couldn't find anything to compare the two so hope this is helpful. :D

GA Sheer Blushes are absolutely dreamy in texture. They're so finely milled that when you swatch them, it makes you go "ooooooooooohhh,"  and No. 2 is not an exception. Very finely milled blends beautifully. It's pressed to the perfect level so it's not too hard or powdery. It is sheer because it's meant to be sheer (and called Sheer Blush). But it will definitely show up. It will give you transparent color that's more natural looking. It also has very fine shimmers which makes you cheeks look all glowy. :) 

NARS blush has a tendency to look a bit powdery and chalky if you build it up but it is a nice blush. 

They both last fine on me. 

So the important part. The difference in how it shows up. Frankly, if you are not crazy about blushes, I wouldn't recommend getting both. 

GA Sheer blush 2 Nars sex appeal
Left: Giorgio Armani Sheer Blush 2, Right: NARS Sex Appeal: Relatively Heavy Swatches
As you can see, they are pretty similar but are not dupes. GA is shimmery. NARS is matte. GA also has more pink than NARS blush in swatches. Like GA 2 is pale peachy pink, and NARS is pale peach with pink tinge in my eyes. However, on my cheeks, Sex Appeal has a tendency to pull a bit pink so after all colorwise, they are more similar on cheeks than they look in swatches on my particular skin tone (NC25). But GA transparency thing got me to fall in love with it so I don't regret GA purchase at all. 

I would say you don't need both unless you care about tiny differences in blushes like I do. :D

Hope this helps. Bye!