Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Comparison: Suqqu Cheek Brush vs Fine Kalla Cheek Brush (KK-002)

suqqu cheek brush dupe
On the left: Fine Kalla Cheek Brush (KK-002) On the right: Suqqu Cheek Brush
Because Suqqu 2013 Spring Collection sucked me into a Selfridges haul, I got the Suqqu Cheek Brush. It was really THE brush to get for me. :) Now I can compare it to Fine Kalla Cheek Brush which I have mentioned here.

Please keep in mind that these are comparisons of brushes I got and may not be same for the brushes you happen to have/receive. These handmade brushes are not all equivalent. Looking at numerous pictures and videos of Suqqu Cheek Brush, it looks like there are quite a bit of variations. Mine actually looks a bit bigger and poofier than other Suqqu Cheeks floating around on internet world. Also my perceptions are probably not perfectly accurate. This practically applies to everything but I just felt a need to say it because there are both hefty investments. :)

Now on to the business. The brushes definitely look similar. Both brushes have black handles and ferrules but Fine Kalla has glittery handles. Also Fine Kalla's handle is more tapered in shape. The length of handles and bristles as well actually are pretty much the same. 

Fine Kalla and Suqqu brushes are both grey squirrel. They are both soft but Suqqu is definitely softer. I really didn't think it was possible for a brush to be softer than Fine Kalla Cheek Brush but Suqqu is. It's incredibly soft. Suqqu brush is more densely packed with bristles. However, Suqqu is still a bit floppier because the bristles are so soft. Fine Kalla has a bit more spring to it which makes it a a better buffer. Also it picks up as much product as Suqqu if not more despite having less bristles. Some people might say both are not good for unpigmented blushes but I personally don't have a problem as I tend to wear things very sheerly and have no problem dipping more than once.

Fine Kalla is more tapered, smaller and narrower. The size difference partially has to do with the density but it's also due to the shape itself. From a side, Fine Kalla is definitely more pinched but it's not any wider from the front. So Fine Kalla is smaller at the base. 

In one swipe, Suqqu applies more seamlessly but Fine Kalla can buff pretty well so it can get there in few more swipes. But Suqqu is not as precise as Fine Kalla. Fine Kalla is smaller, more tapered, and less floppy so it does targeted application better in my opinion. 

The pics are post wash and I squeezed them both flat to dry to note differences more easily. 

This is not the cheek brushes but it shows more pronounced density differences. 

Overall, they are both great brushes but they are good at different things. I think Suqqu is better at applying a  cheek color more widely and diffusely, and Fine Kalla is better for precise application. I do prefer Suqqu for pink, coral blush goodness I can apply all over the cheeks. But for darker blushes I would put just along tops of my cheekbones or contouring, I would use Fine Kalla.

Do you need both? Probably not. I like having both though. Lol. Hope this post was helpful and if you have any questions, please feel free to comment. :)
PS- I did this so I have a few more comparison reviews coming. :DDDD

Do you have any of these brushes?


  1. I have the Suqqu cheek and powder brush coming!!! Can't wait!! I've not heard of Fine Kalla, but I'm a brush newbie. Are Fine Kalla brushes supposed to be dupes for Suqqu? Thank you for the review!! I found it very helpful...especially like the pic of the wet brushes illustrating the differences!

    1. Yay!!! So exciting. :) Fine Kalla brushes are made by Kyureido, and they do have some brushes that are similarly shaped to some Suqqu brushes. But I don't think any of them are dupes though. When it comes to cheek brushes, I love them both. :) My pleasure! Glad you found it helpful. Hope you love your Suqqu brushes!!! :D

  2. Ou, so helpful. I have been lemming the Cheek brush for ages. Does FK make an S brush dupe?

    1. Unfortunately they don't to my knowledge.