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Saturday, June 28, 2014

NOTD: Pink and Lilac Family

I wanted to do a tone on tone nail with pink/lavender/mix polishes. That means unintentional comparison swatches! :) Two coats for all of them.
pink lavender lilac nail polishes swatches comparison
Essie Go Ginza, Essie Under Where?, OPI Lucky Lucky Lavender, and Essie Splash of Grenadine Swatches

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

NOTD: Marc Jacobs Fluorescent Beige

I wondered around many many Sephoras looking at nail polishes. I usually don't like to spend over 10 bucks for nail polishes but a couple got me. More like I got them. ;D

First one to be tried was Marc Jacobs Fluorescent Beige. It's a mid toned pinky beige with subtle pink shimmers. I mean really subtle. It basically looks like creme finish in an indoor lighting unless you are standing under the light bulb staring at your nails like I do!

Color is beautiful but I don't care for the formula. It dragged a bit (leaving bald spots) AND it bubbled. I've never had any polish or topcoat bubble on me. It's not that noticeable and I like the color, so I will work with it. 18 dollar is a lot to charge for a bubbling nail polish.

Following pictures are two coats. I think it would be fully opaque in 3 coats.
MJ fluorescent beige
Marc Jacobs Fluorescent Beige Swatch Natural Light

Marc Jacobs Fluorescent Beige Swatch Flash
Please excuse my cuticles and phone pic! I will be back with more nail polish swatches I am on a nail polish kick!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

NOTD: China Glaze Atelier Tulle

atelier tulle
China Glaze Atelier Tulle
NOTD!! First off, please excuse my cuticles/nail shape/etc. I completely neglect them when my nails are short. X_X

Anyways, I haven't been painting my nails as much as I used to so application has been a little difficult for me. Plus I painted them at night and I wanted to get it done quickly and go to sleep ASAP. lol. So I needed something that you practically apply by itself. Atelier Tulle is it! It has the hands down the BEST formula out of the all the polishes I have. This is two coats but you can get away with one thick coat. Not my favorite color but formula is just so amazing!! It's a lovely one to have!